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Online + Onsite Virus Removal

If your computer is slow, acting funny, or giving you strange errors, you may have a virus, malware or bloatware installed.  Or you may just be in need of a computer clean up.

Schedule your computer clean up service including:

  • Install security updates
  • Clean registry and remove unnecessary items that slow down your computer
  • Defragment hard drive and optimize boot performance
  • Update antivirus definitions
  • Uninstall bloatware + questionable add-ons
  • Virus removal


Remote + Onsite Computer Services in Toronto since 2003.


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Computer viruses are no longer so obvious. It used to be that you knew when you had a computer virus because your computer screen would be flooded with pop-ups.  Malware is more sophisticated today – it can be almost undetectable. You might just think your computer is aging or “acting funny”, and may not suspect that you have a computer virus.  Call us to be sure.

Why Book With TUCU?

  • Easy – we log in remotely or we come to your home or office
  • Exact appointment times – no “service windows” – If your appointment is at 2:00pm, you can expect our call at 2:00pm
  • Trusted by Toronto’s business community since 2003- vetted by 4 law firms
  • Quick service, competitive pricing and convenient payment methods
  • No Fix = No Fee – If we don’t remove the virus, we absorb the technicians time
  • Pain-Free Guarantee – If the issue recurs after our service, simply inform us within 7 days and we will make it right. Guaranteed.

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Service Guarantee… If we don’t resolve your issue, we’ll absorb the technician’s time cost.  If a fixed issue recurs, simply inform us within 7 days and we’ll make it right. Guaranteed.

Vetted & Approved… TUCU has been vetted and approved by 4 law firms and has been a trusted IT provider in Toronto since 2003.  You can count on us.


Excellent work and great speed and communications.

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Zoe, our IT Services Coordinator will answer your questions and help you take next steps.  Contact us now.

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