Remote Computer Services in Toronto, Ontario

Online Computer Support

TUCU offers remote + on site computer support in Toronto.

Scheduling remote computer support is easy.

  1. Contact us to schedule help at a time that is convenient for you.
  2. At the scheduled time, we will call you and you will grant us permission to remotely log on to fix your computer problem.
  3. Once your computer is fixed and the remote repair session ends, TUCU will no longer have access to your computer unless you want us to for future support calls.

Remote computer services work well for computer errors, virus removal, computer clean up, fixing a slow computer, email issues and much more.



Remote + Onsite Computer Services in Toronto since 2003.


+1 416 292 3300

Why Book With TUCU?

  • Easy – no need to pack up or transport your computer – we log in remotely
  • Exact appointment times – no “service windows” – If your appointment is at 2:00pm, you can expect our call at 2:00pm.
  • Affordable remote service and clear pricing.
  • Trusted by Toronto’s business community since 2003
  • Vetted by 4 law firms and approved to support sensitive files.
  • Reliable Service – If we don’t fix your issue, we absorb the technicians time.  If an issue recurs after our service, simply inform us within 7 days and we will make it right. You can count on us.
Certification Icons - Microsoft Certified Computer Technicians in Toronto

Service Guarantee… If we don’t resolve your issue, we’ll absorb the technician’s time cost.  If a fixed issue recurs, simply inform us within 7 days and we’ll make it right. Guaranteed.

Vetted & Approved… TUCU has been vetted and approved by 4 law firms and has been a trusted IT provider in Toronto since 2003.  You can count on us.

10 / 10

1-The appointment was easy to schedule.
2-The GO TO ASSIST software allowed off-site trouble-shooting which was very convenient.
3-The technician knows his stuff and immediately understood what was causing the problem
4-The price was right!

Photo of Zoe, our IT Services Coordinator

Zoe, our IT Services Coordinator will answer your questions and help you take next steps.  Contact us now.

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