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Do You Need Better Backup?

Imagine, one moment you’re working away, and the next, all your data is gone.

What would you do?


When Did You Last Check Your Backup Service?


Your preferred back up method could stop working at any time due to:

  • your credit card being expired or cancelled
  • a software update that causes an incompatibility and the backup stops working
  • exceeding your GB max
  • a hard drive failure
  • user error
  • or simply forgetting to run the backup

And would your current backup method survive a fire? A flood? Theft? 


Data Backup Setup & Recovery Services in Toronto

Data Backup Setup

40% of data loss is caused by hard drive failure. Another 20% is caused by user error.  Even if you are using a data backup method, are you testing it?  Your data backup can stop working at any time for a variety of reasons.  Talk to us today about data backup setup services that suit your unique needs, including personal data backup or small business data backup solutions, including digital imaging, large files & more.

Data Recovery Services

If you’ve lost data, our affordable remote and onsite data recovery services can help. For severely damaged drives, we can arrange a white room recovery attempt.

Why Book With TUCU?

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  • Trusted by Toronto’s business community since 2003
  • Clear, competitive pricing and convenient payment methods
  • No Fix = No Fee – If we don’t fix your computer issue, we absorb the technicians diagnostic time
  • Pain-Free Guarantee – If the issue recurs after our service, simply inform us within 7 days and we will make it right. Guaranteed.
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