Is It Safe To Scan And Email Your ID To A Company? No!

Is It Safe To Scan And Email Your ID To A Company?

When companies ask you to scan and email your ID to them for account set up or identity verification, you should consider other options.  Hacking happens and sending your ID digitally may increase your exposure and risk for identity theft.

Our advice: Don’t upload/send your ID via email at all. Send it by registered mail, regular mail, or via fax.

Before you copy or send your ID via any method, be sure to take protective steps such as:

  • Converting your ID to a black and white image
  • Redacting your signature on the scan of your ID
  • Watermarking the ID with the name of company you are sending it to, the date you are sending it, and the reason your ID was requested by them (for example, XYZ Widgets, July 12, 2014, for account activation purposes only)

These steps help in the event of a data breach.  If the company is hacked, (1) it’s harder to steal your identity and (2) it’s clear who leaked it.