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5 SmartPhone Security Tips To Protect Your Data

SMS + phishing = smishing. Industry experts suggest smishing will only continue to rise, leaving us vulnerable to data or privacy breaches.  In addition, lost or stolen smartphones can also leave us vulnerable to privacy breaches. Here are some essential and easy to implement smartphone security tips.

Password Protect Your Cellphone

Tip one is to use a password on your phone, and ensure it auto locks after a set period of idle time. In the event of loss or theft, the data can’t be accessed. While you may never recover your phone, at least your personal information and the information of friends, family and clients housed on your phone will be inaccesible.

Restrict Activities When On WiFi

Some of us like to do our personal banking on our cellphones. If this is you too, be sure to take heed to tip two: perform sensitive transactions when you are connected to your own, secure WiFi network. Never perform banking or transmit sensitive data, such as a credit card number in an email, over a public WiFi without encryption.

Install Mobile Antivirus Software

Ever hear the phrase when does a smartphone become a dumb computer?  That time is pretty much now. Since the iPhone 4 and forward, you can consider your SmartPhone a pocket computer, and should take the necessary steps to protect it.  Tip three is to install antivirus on your cellphone, particularly if you download apps from third party sources or frequently open attachments on your phone.

Be Choosy With Apps

If you’re using an Android phone, be particularly careful about not purchasing apps outside the Google Play Store, as unofficial apps outside the Play Store have been known to carry and install malware. Tip four is this; no matter the platform, you’re better off purchasing approved apps from within your devices native app store.

Lost Your Phone? Locate & Wipe The Data With A Lost Locator

Disaster planning doesn’t have to be complicated.  Tip five makes it easy; install a lost locator on your phone, which will enable you to remotely wipe the phone of all data in the event it goes missing. Sure, you’re out a few bills for the phone itself, but at least your data will remain uncompromised.  Office 365 has a lost locator function built in, which allows you to log in and wipe any missing device of all data.  We consider this a must have for any business team. It’s worth considering a switch to Office 365 for.

Do It Now

Go set up a password on your phone now. Install some anti-virus too.  And pat yourself on the back for being a proactive, tech savvy person who thinks ahead in case of disaster. Well done!

Header photo credit to Gizmag.

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