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March Is Fraud Awareness Month; Do This One Thing Today To Stay Safe

Passwords Tips For Fraud Prevention

Change Your Passwords Now

We recently wrote about the phishing attempts branded to look like emails from the Canada Revenue Agency in our blog post here.  That post brought to mind recent hacking successes.  Within the last few months large companies including Comcast, SnapChat, Rogers and Adobe have all been hacked.  At the time of the writing, that same morning, the Globe & Mail reported on another 700 Canadian credit cards being compromised at various POS machines in British Columbia and Quebec.

Hackers go after large corporations looking for valuable payment data, however they also go after individuals, because if they can recover some of your personal info, they can start down the road to credit card or identity fraud under your name.

We don’t want to be alarmists, but we want you to be safe.

The truth is, most of us don’t have strong enough passwords.

And most of us don’t change passwords frequently enough.

A strong password is your first line of defence.  Make yours solid.

I’m sure you have, at some point, received spam from the personal email account of a client or friend, and had to alert them that their account was hacked. Perhaps nothing came of it, but those hacks can lead to big headaches.  So let’s all change our passwords, shall we?   It’s a great time to do it, since March is Fraud Awareness month.  Anytime you log in to your online bank account this month, you will likely see a notice about fraud awareness.  Do you part in prevention and change your passwords today.

Password Tips

  • Please choose strong passwords and change them frequently (monthly or at least seasonally).
  • Strong passwords would include a string or 3 or more random words, as well as some mixed capitalization, numbers and symbols.
  • Never include birthdays or personal information as part of a password.
  • Since we type in our passwords frequently, why not make them relevant to a current goal of yours, re-affirming your focus to said goal each time you type out the password (our manager Zoe uses this tactic and swears by it)

We know you’ve heard this before.  Unfortunately, we all hear good advice that we ignore.  Will you please take a moment to change your passwords for all your email accounts and banking sites right now?  Super!


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