How to get the Windows 7 start menu for Windows 8.

Step by step video to get back your Windows 7 start menu for Windows 8, recorded by our computer technician in Toronto Ontario.

Video transcription below:
Hi, I’m Warren, one of the computer technicians here at TUCU tech support in Toronto and Durham Region.  In this short video, I will quickly show you how to add the Windows 7 start menu back to Windows 8 machine.

So currently Windows 8 has this new start menu, and not everyone is a fan. So if you simply want to get the old start menu back, I’m going to show a quick program you can install that give you back your old start menu.

So what your going to do is head over to Google and I’m going to get you to type in Classic Shell. Ah the website your looking for is It’s probably your first option on Google. So your going to click that. Going to head over to this webpage. What your going to do is click “Download Now”. The program should start download instantly for you. I’m going to hit “Save” then you’re pin to hit “Run”.

Um, the program will start, just click next. Accept, next, next, and install. Ah, your new Windows machine will probably ask you “Do you want to install this program?” just click “Yes”. The program will install. Now once it’s finished, you’re going to hit “Finish”. And you will get this Word document explaining Classic Shell to you. But the main key part here now is, if you click the start menu now, you will have the Window 7 menu.

And thats it, its pretty simple. Hope this video was helpful.

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