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CrypSafe Review. It’s A No.

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Crypsafe Review

CrypSafe bills itself as follows: “CrypSafe Android Encryption protects your data! Keep secure contacts and generate passwords in our password app!”

I’m Elrico, an IT Technician here at TUCU computer support in Toronto.  I took CrypSafe for a test drive on 4 devices. Here is my experience and CrypSafe review.

CrypSafe Setup Guide

  1. Install app from Google Play App Store
  2. Agree to Terms and Conditions
  3. Click the three vertical squares to the top right corner
  4. Click Import/Export
  5. Click Import Account Contacts
  6. Choose the email for which contacts you would like to import
  7. The import process will run in the background

Confirmed Backup Options:

  • Backup to Storage (device)
  • Backup to Email
  • Backup to LAN (Must insert IP Address, possibility for NAS/Server backups)

General CrypSafe Review Notes:

CrypSafe doesn’t seem to provide any real protection to your phone. What it does is imports your contact list (making a second copy), then encrypts that list and backs it up. Basically what Google Contacts already does. The usefulness of the app is in the event a user loses access to their Google Contacts due to a hacker or malicious app which may also cause their contacts to be completely erased. In the case of such an event, the backup performed by CrypSafe can restore contacts, but it might take a significant number of steps to get your contacts back into Google Contacts


  • Offline, encrypted data stays on device. Can be exported to other medium.
  • AES Encryption
  • App seems to be updated frequently


  • Tested app on 4 android devices (smartphones and tablets). The app crashed for 50% of devices in the importing stage.
  • No iOS app. A decent amount of users in my experience uses Apple products.
  • UI design of the app is not polished


Mobile Vault.  I’m currently testing it and will do a written review next week.

Final Verdict On CrypSafe:

[thrive_highlight highlight=’default’ text=’light’]”Unfortunately, I don’t find this app very useful and wouldn’t recommend it to my clients.”[/thrive_highlight]

Unfortunately, I don’t find this app very useful and wouldn’t recommend it to our clients. The fact of the matter is the UI of the app, performance and its features are  lacking. Most importantly the app is only available for Android which leaves a large population of clients using iOS devices completely left out. There are other apps on the market, but are either paid with subscriptions or underperform like CrypSafe.

The fact of the matter is that both Android and iOS devices ultimately have their own encryption features built into the device. Though, not pre-enabled, setting up your smartphone encryption is pretty straight forward – here’s how to do it.

I hope the above CrypSafe review and smartphone encryption instructions are helpful for you.

If you need personalized computer support, get in touch. We’re here to help.  We are TUCU tech u can use.  We help busy professionals and small teams of up to 20 people to work with ease and security everyday.  


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