CRA Texting Scams

CRA Texting Scams On The Rise In Canada

Last year, we wrote about text message scams, also called smishing, and the problem hasn’t gone away.  Similar to email phishing, smishing is referred to when the phishing attempt is done via text message.

CTV news reported on these texting scams that appear to be coming from Canada Revenue Agency, but are in fact from malicious would be hackers and fraudsters.

Canada Revenue Agency has a web page warning of such fraudulent communications, and outlines the ways in which a representative of the CRA would contact and communicate with you, and ways in which they would not.  The page also includes links to examples of fraudulent letters, emails and text messages claiming to be from the CRA.    The page also provides some good questions to ask yourself if in doubt as to the veracity of a communication claiming to be coming from the CRA.

You can be part of the solution – if you receive a fake CRA text message, please take a moment to report it to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.  Details and reporting avenues can be found on their website.

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