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Cybercrime Group Combines 3 Threats Into A Dangerous Malware Cocktail

While the RCMP is putting together a special task force to tackle rapidly growing cybercrime, you’re online everyday, and you need tips to stay safe.  A group of cybercriminals have taken 3 very powerful and effective malware tools and packaged them to work together as a campaign designed to defraud you.

PC World is calling this a “dangerous malware cocktail”.

Details on how this 3 pronged campaign works to defraud you in the article published by PC world here. 

5 Steps To Protect Yourself From This Dangerous Malware Cocktail

  1. Only use the Google Chrome web browser
  2. Install uBlock Origin ad-blocker.
  3. Change your internet connection DNS servers to Google or openDNS;
    • and for Google
    • or and for openDNS.
    • These DNS servers actively filter out know malicious web servers.
  4. Install a quality Anti-Virus like Bitdefender or ESET NOD32.
  5. Configure offsite (online) backup with revision control. Revision control means that you can go back to previous versions of a file.

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