WordPress On Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Is Talking About WordPress On Microsoft Azure

Rumours and speculation are surfacing about Microsoft possibly ending support for public facing websites in Office 365.   At the same time, Microsoft has been promoting WordPress on Microsoft Azure.  Azure is a virtual private cloud environment which allows you to run software like SharePoint, or anything else you want, including WordPress for your website.

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Office 365 Websites

The Office 365 websites are just basic website builders.  They aren’t very robust.  They weren’t widely used, so it isn’t surprising that Microsoft may be considering dropping them.   If you are using a public facing website on Office 365, you may want to keep an ear to the ground on this possible development.

WordPress Websites

Our site is built on WordPress.  We also build small business websites on WordPress for new businesses just getting started, or just getting online, and who have a small budget but want to make a good impression.

WordPress is a great choice for many small and mid sized businesses.  It used to compete with and lag behind Joomla as a content management system, but over the years, Joomla has lagged and WordPress has taken the lead.  It has become rather robust and additional functionally can be added with well chosen plugins.  In terms of the look of a WordPress website, there are thousands of professionally developed themes available for $30-75 which can be modified to feature your own logo, colours, photos and content.

Microsoft knows how popular WordPress has become, and by promoting WordPress on Azure, they are cleverly speaking to the established businesses and blogs who have gained large numbers of online visitors, and who need more than just basic website hosting for their sites.  WordPress on Azure is fast and stable, and can cost much less than a dedicated web server or a virtual private web server.  So if you’re at a point where you need to make the jump from basic hosting to dedicated hosting, you might want to explore the cost benefits of WordPress on Azure.


WordPress Website Design

If you are looking for a simple website for your small business, similar to this one, we can help.  TUCU offers email, cloud and web solutions in Toronto. We work with busy professionals, soloprenuers and small teams of up to 20 people.  Please call us today at (416) 292-3300.

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