Podio – All In One Software For Small Business

Podio For Small Business

The above video will introduce you to what Podio can do for your small business.  As a small business ourselves, and specialist in small business technology and solutions, we give Podio 2 thumbs up.

  • You don’t need to know any coding.
  • There are hundreds of free apps already developed for Podio.
  • You can create your own app without any coding skills.
  • Podio can act as your CRM, lead management, HR management, project management, or any other small business sanity saving software!

Best of all, how does $9 per month, per user sound?

No up front software costs.

No versions to upgrade to.

Since it is web based ( a.k.a. cloud software), you can access your account and work from anywhere in the world, and if your computer dies, your data doesn’t.  Check out pricing and more at www.podio.com.

Small Business Cloud Solutions in Toronto ON

TUCU is a tech support company serving Toronto & Durham Region. Our Small Business IT & Cloud Experts can help you prepare to move to Podio, or to switch to Office 365 in the cloud, or to move your domain to G Suite for work to take advantage of those cloud collaboration tools.  We also offer server virtualization and will create and manage your hybrid IT network.