Is Your Website Working?

affordable website design for small business shown on different devicesMaybe it’s pretty. Maybe not.

Maybe it was “cheap”. Maybe not.

But the real question is this; is your website working for you?

You can have a gorgeous logo and a great time posting on Facebook, but if your website isn’t attracting new paying clients, it’s time to fix that.

I know, I know. Anyone can make their own website today. But how well does it work? At some point, you have to invest in your small business to help it grow.

In fact, most business experts say you should be investing 4-10% of your revenue on marketing each month. If you’re not investing and not seeing the number of new clients you want, it may be time for some changes and some help.

Today I had a conversation with the office manager for a new business I help. I built a website for them after their first one didn’t do them any favours. I help them with their Google Adwords and Facebook posts each month. I was thrilled to hear they are experiencing a huge boost in new clients and are hiring to support the growth.

It's Not Expensive

Expensive is not getting new clients.

Expensive is having more month than money each month.

Investing in a new website and ongoing content and Adwords is not expensive.

Small Business Website Design

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