Mobile March: Mobile Solutions For Your Small Business

It’s Mobile March here at TUCU tech support.  We’re exploring the demand for mobile solutions for small business.  Let’s jump in and review some of the options.

Mobile Payment Collection

For many small businesses, being able to process credit card payments away from your office or store is an important part of being competitive.  The question is, what are your current options and which Mobile Card Payment system is right for you? Here are some options.

“Virtual Terminal” is one of my favourites. It’s what we use at TUCU. This allows you to process transactions using any mobile phone, tablet or any type of device with an Internet connection.

“Cell Phone Card Readers” are gaining popularity, with PayPal, The Square, Payd and more all offering options for mobile businesses that process under $2,000 per month in credit card transactions. Note, these systems can’t accept Interac/Debit.

“Hand-held 3G Wireless Terminals” give you the power to accept credit cards or Interac/Debit cards. They are not nearly as costly as they once were, and are now much smaller. Most will fit into your pocket or purse.

Mobile Invoicing Software 

Whether at a desk all day or out in the field, Freshbooks makes invoicing easy. It’s cloud based, so you can use it from any Internet connected device and there are great native apps for smartphones and tablets.

We use Freshbooks because:

  • It’s low cost and packed with useful features.
  • It works and renders perfectly on a big computer screen or a small mobile screen.
  • Adding, editing or deleting clients is very easy, unlike another cloud based alternative we tested.
  • You can create & send invoices and estimates via email, and can see when they have been viewed.
  • After an invoice is marked as paid, you have the option of asking the client for feedback/a review. If they fill out the review, it will be auto emailed to you. You may have seen us share some of our recent reviews on Facebook.
  • The reports let you track popular services and many other pieces of useful data.
  • Clients like being able to log in to view their invoices or statements at any time.
  • Our amazing accountant approves it.

Freshbooks could be pretty life changing for your small business. We used it for years, but have since switched to Quickbooks in the cloud. Nevertheless, check out this review on Freshbooks to help you decide if it’s right for you.

Mobile Friendly Websites – Google Rewards Them

If your website is just 5 years old, it’s out of date. Crazy but true! And if it isn’t mobile friendly or responsive (recognizes devices and reformats to fit a computer screen, tablet or small mobile screen), Google is saying you can expect to be dropped from search results. See story here and here.  If you need help updating your small business website, please contact us. Our team and preferred partners have all the web design and digital marketing skills you need for success.

Work Remotely With Cloud Solutions

If you have been thinking that things would be easier if you could work from home, or the office, or the coffee shop from time to time, you may be ready for cloud services for your small business.  Cloud services is a broad term that covers many types of technology, but quite simply, something as simple as using email is using cloud services.  There are many mobile solutions for small business teams via cloud services such as Podio, Google For Work and Microsoft Office 365.  These services let you access and work on email, contacts and documents from any internet connected device so you aren’t chained to your office desk – you can choose to work from anywhere.  Each service offers slightly different features and it’s worth a conversation with an IT Consultant to walk you through it all and help you choose the right cloud solution for you.

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