Google Play Shared Library Announced

Google Play Family Library Announced

Share apps, music, movies etc across your family and their devices – up to 6 in total.

In fact, you don’t even have to use it with actual family members, as it should work with any six people you add to the Library. Good for small teams and work music playlists or housemates at TV shows. Try it and see.

Choose 1 credit card for all purchase AND opt to use a different card or gift card for one off purchases when you want.

Enable purchase approval so kids or work mates can’t shop like crazy or buy accidentally.

You don’t have to share- you can keep personal collections just for you, and family collections for everyone. So if you’re the only one who likes Greek folk music in the family, you won’t clog everyone’s feed with it. And vice versa- the kids movies won’t crowd your libraries either.

If you purchased an app after July 2, it may be eligible for Family Library (if the app developer enabled this).

More info here.


Sharing is good.