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Google Apps Vs. Microsoft Office 365: Who’s The Business Winner?

Google Apps Vs. Microsoft Office 365

What Is Microsoft Office 365?

Enterprises move toward cloud-based productivity services for reasons such as:

  • Enhancing business agility
  • Benefiting from up to date technology
  • Supporting mobile employees

These reasons let businesses get a lot more for their money and free up time to focus on core operations. When businesses choose Microsoft Office 365, they receive all these benefits.  They also choose Microsoft Office 365 based on trust; it’s reputation, credibility, experience, and history – all rolled together. Microsoft has more than 20 years invested in productivity solutions for the enterprise.  Microsoft takes its cloud-based productivity solutions just as seriously.

Office 365 is designed to meet the most rigorous data privacy requirements in every area, including PIPEDA.

Hosted in nearly $10 billion worth of state-of-the-art data centers, Office 365 brings together all of Microsoft’s most valuable productivity solutions and insights as a developer of business software.  Their latest “Do More” positioning slogan is accurate. Office 365 can easily replace an aging exchange server.  It enables true, real time collaboration enabled by SkyDrive (having multiple team mates working live on a Word file together while in separate locations is very cool and productive), and more.

Reasons Why Businesses Choose Office 365

Many business customers who want to move to the cloud evaluate Google Apps and other competitive solutions before making a final purchasing decision.  At first glance, Google Apps looks great for many businesses, and it is. But for others, Office 365 is the better choice.

OFFICE 365 WORKS WITH EXISTING SOFTWARE: Office 365 works a lot better with their existing software. Since both the employees and IT staff are already familiar with Office, and it allows them be productive right away, the training and migration costs are lower. The majority of employees don’t see any functional difference between Office on the desktop and Office in the cloud.

OFFICE 365 HAS A SOLID ENTERPRISE REPUTATION: Google is mostly an advertising company. More than 95% of its revenue comes from advertising. Microsoft, though, has a long history of delivering productivity solutions customized for enterprise level organizations.

Reasons Why Businesses Switch From Google Apps

There are a number of reasons why customers jettison Google Apps and go to Office 365:

OFFICE DOCUMENTS: This is a big issue with Google Apps. The majority of business professionals use Microsoft Office. So, when professionals and employees are working with partners and customers outside of the organization, they can run into some troubles when using Google Apps. The file formatting tends to get lost as documents are sent between organizations.

Employees who use Google Apps are sometimes forced to convert their documents into Excel or Word in order not to lose any formatting, which adds a layer of complexity to their workloads. Instead of bumbling around using limited software and converting documents to match the standards of the professional world, many serious businesses cast their vote by choosing the Microsoft Office suite.

EXTRA COSTS: We mentioned the cost of lost productivity and the price of training and migration that may come with Google Apps. Another point to consider is that a lot of companies end up paying more for third-party tools that are not included with Google Apps.

For customers who are considering a move to the cloud, we can help you switch to Google Apps or Office 365.

Toronto Small Business Cloud Consultant

Office 365 has it’s benefits, but many businesses run on Google Apps too. To help you decide which is right for you, call our tech support team and enjoy a free 20 minute consultation with our Small Business IT Consultant who can take care of your cloud services project from start to finish.