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Google Add On For Tokens In Documents – Alternative To Quote Roller

Google Add On For Variables In Documents

Doc Variables is a Google Docs add on which allows you to insert tokens throughout your documents and easily populate the tokens with client specific data. This is useful for contracts, proposals and more. This is a completely free Google Docs add on that packs a productive punch.

If you are looking for a better way to create proposals, estimates and client contracts with Google Docs, Doc Variables is a great tool to look at. It’s great for small business.

If you’re looking to to replace your paid subscription for proposal software such as Quote Roller or Proposable with a free alternative, Doc Variables might work for you.

In fact, we use Doc Variables as an alternative to Quote Roller. Quote Roller is really great, but our customers were often confused by the online interface. Worse, most often, the quotes went into their spam folders.

To ease confusion and getting stuck in junk mail, we often reverted to downloading PDF copies of the proposals and emailing them direct to our clients. After nearly a year of that, we decided to get rid of Quote Roller. Doc Variables allows us to easily create clear PDF proposals which we attach to our QuickBooks estimates. Our clients prefer this, plus we’re not stuck in spam folders

How To Use Doc Variables

The makers created a short video which covers it all.

Basically, Doc Variables allows you to create your own custom tokens in any document or template you create.

Your master document houses the tokens and Doc Variables creates a copy with populated tokens. It’s so easy.

To use Doc Variables in a master document or template, simply insert your custom tokens wherever you want them and save your document.

To create a custom document with populated tokens, you just:

  1. Go to Add-ons, Doc Variable, Open Doc Variables
  2. Populate the fields and click Apply
  3. Doc Variables will create a copy of your master template with all the tokens populated with your entries, leaving the master template intact for use again and again.

Easy, peasy, free and highly useful.

PRO TIP: Use a custom variable in your document name to customize your documents. For example, if your template is called Website Proposal, change the template name to Website Proposal – ${Client Company}. This way, each time you generate a proposal using Doc Variables, the new document will already have a client specific, easy to search name.

Suggested Document Tokens

The beauty of Doc Variables is that you can create any token you want so it is 100% customizable to fit your business. You are not boxed in to the tokens that most paid subscriptions of software limit you to.

Here are a few examples of tokens we commonly use here at TUCU.

Our Tokens

${Provider Name}

${Provider Signing Officer}

${Provider Signing Officer Title}

Client Tokens

${Client Company}

${Client Contact Full Name}

${Client Contact First Name }

${Client Signing Officer}

${Client Signing Officer Title}

${Client Service Address}

Proposal & Payment Tokens

${Submission Date}

${Estimate Expiration Date}

${Estimate Number}

${Estimate Total Amount}

${Recurring Payment Date}

${Recurring Payment Amount}

${Third Party Supplier}

Create any variable you need by using the format ${Your Variable Here}.

We really like that once inserted into our documents, the variables are easy to format in terms of font size, font colour etc. It allows us to stylize and draw attention to important details in our documents.

Get Doc Variables Here: It’s a quick add on and you will be up and using it in a few minutes. Download here.

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