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Is Dropbox For Business Good?

From time to time we’re asked about file sharing solutions like Dropbox.  Dropbox For Business offers a simple document sharing solution for small teams with small budgets. As you grow, or if you require more stringent privacy & data controls, you may want to explore a more robust solution such as Office 365 and Sharepoint or a Windows Small Business Server with user permissions. But for now, Dropbox For Business might be just right for you.  At $17 per user, per month, it’s very affordable.

What Is Dropbox For Business?

Dropbox For Business is a file syncing platform for multiple users.  It has all the features of basic Dropbox, but is designed to work with multiple users, which eliminates the duplicate file and syncing errors you may have experienced if you tried to use basic Dropbox for your team.

It also gives you sharing permissions, so you can have a master directory, with subdirectories with select documents which you share with individuals or groups on your team, or even with your customers.

You will enjoy unlimited space and access from any computer or device, whether PC, Mac, iOS or Android based.

What Are Limitations For Dropbox For Business?

It’s a great platform, and we’ve put some clients on it, but it isn’t right for every team.

Firstly, if your team isn’t very tech savvy, and is prone to clicking on spammy phishing links, there are many featuring Dropbox links.  We’ve found that despite training and repeated warnings, some users just don’t change their clicky ways.  If these people are on your team, you may want to think twice.  Dropbox does not scan for viruses. If one use uploads and infected document, all users can potentially be infected. A good router and server security settings can help protect your team from viruses, and that may be a better option for you.

We don’t condone it, but if you have pirated software or files, you may want to reconsider Dropbox- Dropbox Knows You’re A Pirate

For some teams using server based software, it might make more sense to explore user permissions.

For teams who need to be PIPEDA compliant, or comply with eDiscovery requirements, a Windows Small Business Server may be a better choice.

For industries with stringent regulations around storing data in the cloud, again, a server may be best.

Every business is different and you will have to decide what is best for yours.

Can I Install Dropbox For Business Myself?

Just like with Microsoft Office 365, some tech savvy people will feel comfortable enough to set up Dropbox For Business on their own, and others will want to have their tech support company do it for them, especially so if you are transferring files from some other platform.

Cloud Solutions For Small Business In Toronto

If you think Dropbox For Business might be right for you, but aren’t sure, we can help.  We offer cloud solutions for small business and a wide range of IT support services in Toronto, Markham and Durham Region, Ontario.  Please call us for a free 20 minute consultation to help you decide, and set things up for you too.

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