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Cloud Management Services

Our Cloud Consultants Will Build & Manage Your Virtual Workspace

Your cloud IT systems are in good hands here. Our Toronto Cloud Management Providers offer comprehensive cloud management services suitable for both in office, hybrid and 100% cloud based teams. We offer:

Azure Virtual Desktops / Remote Desktops

Cloud Servers, Virtual Networks, Virtual VPN's etc

Microsoft 365 management, SharePoint support, Teams support and more

Cloud Security Solutions including Microsoft InTune, MIM, Azure Sentinel and more.

Your cloud management services will be built on best practices and empower your team to work with ease and security from anywhere in the world.

Gain control over your data and protect your business. Our cloud experts will assess your needs, build your Microsoft 365 + Azure cloud infrastructure, and serve as your cloud management team.

Succeed with modern, secure Microsoft solutions that are resilient, reliable and scalable as you grow. We'll help you every step of the way.

"feel confident that we are in good hands"

“After a difficult first foray into the world of cloud computing on our own, Adam and his team got us on track with the right solution and we’ve been working in perfect harmony ever since. Even though we are a small business with simple needs, TUCU is quick to respond to our queries and makes feel confident that we are in good hands.”

-Leanne, Partner

With TUCU, you are never alone.

We will help you protect your business with best practices in cloud security & management.

Not sure about your cloud security management?

How do you protect your business when everything is email, cloud, log in from anywhere, and no local network to speak of?  What are good cloud management solutions for small business? Our cloud management team will guide you.

Antivirus is not enough.  Whether you have a local or cloud network, your cyber security posture must include multiple layers of protection to safeguard from today's ever evolving cyber threats.  Antivirus alone can not protect from almost half of threats, including ransomware.

Cloud management solutions today will include AV, Identity Management (IAM), Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Endpoint Management & Remediation (EDR).

TUCU offers cloud management services for small business that include all this and more + help desk support for your entire team.

Secure Cloud Management Services With Zero Trust

TUCU will setup and manage cloud IT systems based on the Zero Trust Security framework. These principles are the foundation for best practices today and are based on the following core principles.


Verify Explicitly

Always authenticate and authorize based on all available data points, including user identity, location, device health, service, data classification, and anomalies.


Use Least Privileged Access

Limit user access with just-in-time and just-enough-access (JIT/JEA), risk-based adaptive polices, and data protection to help secure both data and productivity.


Assume A Breach

Minimize damage and blast radius for breaches and prevent threats from moving laterally through your company or email contact list by segmenting access by network, user, devices, and app awareness.

Zero Trust + Cloud Management Services give you a rock solid foundation to protect and grow your business. Clients and vendors are looking for security conscious partners like you. TUCU will act as your IT department and deliver access to deep IT knowledge, skill, time, attention and help desk support to help your business flourish.  This type of cloud management services model is known as Managed Cloud Services - and it's what TUCU is known for.

Managed Cloud Support Services

With TUCU's cloud management services, you have a cost effective IT strategy that provides you with best practices and support.  As your Managed Cloud Services Provider we will help you:

Authenticate users & control access to company data.

Protect data, prevent loss, reduce risk.

Support your team with fast, reliable help desk services.

Meet compliance, pass security screenings, and grow your business.

Additional Cloud Support Services


Cloud Consultant Services


Cloud Setup Services


Cloud Migrations


Cloud Security Solutions


Identity Access Management (IAM)


Endpoint Management (Devices & Mobiles)


Digital Loss Prevention (DLP)


IaaS Infrastructure As A Service


Azure Cloud Support - Azure Active Directory, Azure VPN, Azure Virtual Machines & Desktops etc


Microsoft 365 Support


Google Cloud Support


VoIP Setup & Support (hosted PBX)


Disaster Recovery Solutions

If your technology is compromised, your business goes in to a tailspin trying to recover and do damage control.

That's why it's important to improve cloud security today.  TUCU's cloud management services provide you with an IT department to take care of all the layers of tools, monitoring, alerts, prevention and support you need today. Let's talk.

Ready for a great IT support company?

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IT Consultants

As your Toronto IT consultants, we offer guidance, insight, strategic IT solutions & end to end support.

Cloud Solutions

We help you assess and setup secure cloud solutions that make sense for your business, and manage it all for you.

Cyber Security

Safeguard your business from cyber threats. Our IT security consultants will apply best practices to protect you.

Managed IT Services

Our Managed IT Services offer your business better security, reliability, and performance of your technology.