Why Cloud Computing Is Smart For Small Business

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Is Cloud Computing Ideal For Small Business?  Cloud computing can help small business make their operations smoother so that they can concentrate on competing in their respective marketplaces.  Cloud services are viewed as up to date technology, and studies show consumers will pass over a business using outdated technology.

What Is Cloud Computing Anyway?

Before the web took the world by storm, you would buy software, and install and utilize the software on your computers – sort of like purchasing a CD and listening to it in your home. With the cloud model, the software is used online and run by a third-party host, and you access it through a web browser. You don’t ever have to install anything on your computer, and you don’t actually ‘own’ the software: instead of purchasing a product, you’re renting a service.  The service is kept up to date and maintained by the provider- an expert.  That right here is a bonus for small business owners.

So, why is cloud computing such a game changer?  Let’s look at some business-friendly benefits of cloud computing.

Less Techaches For You

As mentioned, cloud services are managed by the providers- no technology for you to worry about.  Think about it; when you rent a car, the rental company handles upkeep, repairs, and maintenance of the car. You have every right to think that the car you rent and drive off in will be safe and run well. The same is true of cloud services.  When you join, you are able to use the software without installing, downloading, maintaining, or updating it.

Economical And Predictable: A Business-Friendly Financial Model

The cloud offers financial benefit. Let’s get back to the rent-a-car analogy. When you purchase a car, there’s a big upfront cost. You won’t ever get that initial investment back.  After five years, you’ll have an old car which no one else will want to buy, and if (when) something goes awry, it will cost you even more money to repair.

A rental car however, will always be an attractive, functional, up to date model that someone else maintains, and you simply pay for what you need, like cloud services.  No heavy investment in infrastructure or software and an easy to manage low fee each month, per user, based on your business needs.  Scale up or down as your team shrinks or your business grows.

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