Client Case Study

A File Sharing Solution For A Small Team

For some teams, a server is overkill.

With a relatively low setup cost and ease of use, a NAS is a sensible file sharing solution for many small teams.

TUCU helped this team implement a NAS as a better file sharing solution.


a synology nas device

The Problem

Rhonda and her team at a nonprofit organization were suffering from unbearably slow access to documents via an aging physical server housing a virtual server.

The team works with large PowerPoint files but their file sharing setup was crippling their productivity with terribly slow access from within the office, and impossibly slow access remotely.

Tensions were running high as the team was always waiting for downloads to finish or attachments to open.

The remote team member was unable to work productively on any given day.

The Solution

TUCU set up a better file sharing solution via a network attached storage (NAS) device. With a NAS, the team could:

  • store files centrally on a privately owned device
  • quickly access files from anywhere
  • work faster and with less frustration
  • backup all documents to a private cloud account
  • allow remote employees access to files via the cloud account

“This is so much better. Thank you.”


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