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A File Sharing Problem Solved

The file sharing setup was crippling the productivity of this small non profit team.  Here’s how we fixed it.

The Problem

This nonprofit team was suffering from unbearably slow access to documents via an aging physical server housing a virtual server.

Their team works with large PowerPoint files but their file sharing setup was crippling their productivity.

It was terrible in the office, and almost impossible to work remotely.

Tensions run high when teams are waiting for downloads to finish or attachments to open.  You want fast, easy to work with tech.

The Solution

We setup better file sharing via a network attached storage (NAS) device.

Small cost. Simple setup. Easy to use.  A NAS is a sensible solution for many small teams.

With a NAS, you can:

  • store files centrally on your own private device
  • quickly access files from anywhere
  • work faster and with less frustration
  • backup all documents to a private cloud account

Plus, a NAS can save you a lot of money compared to the cost of upgrading a file server.

Do you think a NAS makes sense for you?

Call us to learn more.

They fix all problems...

“TUCU is there when you need them. They fix all problems large and small with minimal stress so that you can keep working.”

– Katharine in Toronto

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