Meet John Thistle

– Owner of Newcastle Hearing Solutions

photo of John, a client of TUCU
When John took ownership of his new business, he immediately needed a new phone system, and that’s when he called TUCU.  We were able to help John make cost-effective decisions that also incorporated his wish list for certain features to serve his clients – the hearing impaired.

Later John needed purchasing advice for a new laptop and printer, and was happy with the recommendations we made.

Now, John only calls when he needs us, and everyone is happy with that!

As the owner of a small business, my time and money are both of great worth to me. Because of that I am very careful of who I work with to maximize my time and provide the greatest cost benefit. Hands down I choose the entire team at TUCU for all of my IT services. I have found them to be extremely efficient, knowledgeable and true to their word. They make my life easier and less stressful so I can focus on my business instead of technical issues.

It has become very apparent to me that they are choosing to help me as much as possible rather than sell me hardware or other solutions. Their concern for my bottom line leaves me feeling like we’re working for the same team. Thanks TUCU!

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