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Mike is a busy doctor with multiple practice locations who undertook IT upgrades to lower costs, improve OHIP billing, and delegate server management to trained IT Providers.

The Problems

  • Aging servers in need of replacement (and a preference not to move to the cloud).
  • High monthly telephone costs and aging phone system without desired features such as after hours greetings.
  • No IT skills on the team - no one to protect the server and patient data.
  • High OTN fees, especially with multiple practice locations.

The Solutions

  • Custom built server with virtual terminals to reduce hardware costs without moving to the cloud.
  • VoIP phone system installation in each office with low monthly costs and all desired features without any additional monthly fee.
  • Switch OTN to low cost PCVC for fast, easy OHIP remittance from any office or home office.
  • A Server Management Support Plan to have TUCU take care of updating, managing and protecting the servers.

1〉 Stable, secure servers.
2〉 Lower cost than multiple new physical servers.
3〉 Fast ROI on phone system installation with monthly cost savings of over 70%.
4〉 Long term savings due to low monthly VoIP fees.
5〉 Server management outsourced to skilled and reliable IT providers for a low monthly cost.

3 weeks to order hardware and licenses.

Server took 1 week to build, configure and install.

VoIP phone systems took 1 day per office.

10 / 10
When we asked Mike how he would rate our service, he replied with:

“10 / 10. You have to ask???”

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