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How do I get WiFi in my car?

You Asked, We Answered: How Do I Get WiFi In My Car? Hi R, Any car that has WiFi, has a 3G (or LTE) connection to the internet via a dash inserted mobile phone chip that creates a mobile hot spot. If your car does not have this sim card slot, you can replicate the […]

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Why Your Business Needs A Backup Internet Connection

Why Your Business Needs A Fail Over Internet Connections A backup internet connection is essential to keeping your business running when your primary internet connection goes down.  Fail over connections are simple to understand.  Your primary connection is with Provider X.  Your back up would be with provider Y.  If one ISP goes down, the other […]

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diagram of traditional WiFi vs mesh WiFI network

What Is The Difference Between Traditional WiFi and Mesh WiFi Network?

Traditional WiFi Vs Mesh WiFi If you’re not an IT professional, navigating IT products or services can be mind boggling.  We’re always happy to answer questions and help clients better understand the options available to them. Recently, a new client asked a great question.  He wanted to better understand the difference between a traditional WiFi and […]

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