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Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts – Keeping IT Simple

It does not take more than a keyboard, mouse or a touchpad to navigate through any computer operating system. However, doing it efficiently by saving mouse clicks is another story. Knowing some of the most useful keyboard shortcuts can improve your productivity at work each day.  Today, we’re talking about Microsoft’s newest operating system – Windows […]

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Social Media Marketing Tips For NonProfits During The Holiday Season

MAKE YOUR ONLINE PRESENCE STANDOUT DURING THE HOLIDAYS… with these social media marketing tips for nonprofits The Holiday Season is just one flip of a calendar page away. And, it’s the time of the year where marketers for non-profit organizations design massive campaigns to create awareness and attract new donors. If you’re still finalizing your […]

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Future Shop Closing; The Big A/B Split Test?

How Future Shop Closing Got Me Thinking About A/B Testing For Small Business Owners By now you have probably heard that Future Shop Canada closed it’s doors without much warning to consumer or employee. You’re likely reading the speculations of analysts on what this means for the future of retail. You may have even read that both Future […]

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7 Crucial Lessons For Facebook Business Pages

Ever feel like you need a fancy infinite credit card just to win at managing business pages on Facebook? Organic reach is lower than ever and it seems the social networking giant is pushing for business pages to buy everything from likes to visibility. Of course, having this endless stream of money makes perfect sense […]

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Why You Should Deny That LinkedIn Request

Why Connecting With Everyone and Anyone On LinkedIn Is A BAD Idea, With LinkedIn Expert Leslie Hughes LinkedIn is your resume and it’s also your Rolodex.  It’s counter intuitive to deny LinkedIn connection requests from people you haven’t met yet.   And you may think that connecting with everyone and anyone will help you propel your business […]

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Resources For NonProfit Organizations In And Around Toronto

Resources For NonProfits  We love non-profit organizations and the important work they do, so we’re putting together a list of resources for non profit organizations.  While we do offer a tech support discount for non profit organizations in Toronto,  we wanted to do more, and so, we’ve begun this list of resources.  We welcome your […]

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Fast & Easy Ways To Boost Creative Problem Solving Now!

Ways To Boost Creativity & Problem Solving Skills You’ve got a problem.  You’re stuck.  Your brain is in a rut and you’re just not thinking clearly.  Or worse, you’re obsessing, panicking and full of anxiety about what you’re going to do.  The thing is, stress lowers your ability to think clearly or creatively.  So let’s […]

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