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Step By Step Instructions To Encrypt Your SmartPhone

We tested MobileVault and CrypSafe for you and you should check those reviews out.  But you should also know that setting up your smartphone encryption is pretty straight forward. Here’s how to do it. Android Phone Encryption Instructions For Android, the device can encrypt accounts, settings and apps. The steps to perform Android encryption are: […]

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mobile vault screenshots and review

MobileVault – Good For Android. Not So Much For iOS.

Mobile Vault Review by Elrico Moss I’m Elrico, IT Technician here at TUCU IT support in Toronto.   We recently did a CrypSafe review for you, and promised to test and write about Mobile Vault, and here we are!  Tested by yours truly. Application Name: Mobile Vault by NQ mobile Application Type: Security Mobile Platforms: Android, iOS […]

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crypsafe screenshot

CrypSafe Review. It’s A No.

Crypsafe Review CrypSafe bills itself as follows: “CrypSafe Android Encryption protects your data! Keep secure contacts and generate passwords in our password app!” I’m Elrico Moss, an IT Technician here at TUCU computer support in Toronto.  I took CrypSafe for a test drive on 4 devices. Here is my experience and CrypSafe review. CrypSafe Setup […]

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5 SmartPhone Security Tips Never To Ignore

SmartPhone Security Tips You Can Do SMS + phishing = smishing. Industry experts suggest smishing will only continue to rise, leaving us vulnerable to data or privacy breaches.  In addition, lost or stolen smartphones can also leave us vulnerable to privacy breaches. Here are some essential and easy to implement smartphone security tips. Password Protect Your Cellphone […]

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teenager texting and driving

Ontario Texting & Driving Fine Now $280.00.

Ontario Laws Aimed At Reducing Texting & Driving I think that texting and driving fines are a public service announcement we will be hearing more of.  When I was in high school, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) were very prominent in the media. They made the rounds at schools, alternating with police officers, showing videos […]

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