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Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts – Keeping IT Simple

computer keyboard

It does not take more than a keyboard, mouse or a touchpad to navigate through any computer operating system. However, doing it efficiently by saving mouse clicks is another story. Knowing some of the most useful keyboard shortcuts can improve your productivity at work each day.  Today, we’re talking about Microsoft’s newest operating system – Windows…

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What is PIPEDA? A Summary For Small Business

What is PIPEDA? PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act) is a Canadian data privacy law that applies to the collection, use or disclosure of personal information in the course of a commercial activity.  Our team of Small Business IT Service Providers have put together a summary to guide you.  What information falls under…

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Get Clear On CASL

Are you adding people to your email marketing list simply because you have their business card? Stop and read this.

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Why You Must Stop Reusing Passwords

Don't Reuse That Password blog cover

We’ve all done it. And most of us won’t think twice before doing it again. Here is why you should never reuse an account password again. Reusing passwords on multiple accounts may seem harmless enough, an easy way to remember your logins for multiple websites. And I’m sure you agree that we all have too…

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Android Malware Risks, Over 5.3 Million

Video: Android Malware, Is It As Disruptive As Mobile? Hosts: George Yunaev and Darragh Kelly This video, hosted by cyber security experts, covers Android malware threats in detail.  We’ve summarized the video for you, with time stamps and notes below. There are forecasted to be 1,454,760,000 android devices to be shipped out in 2015 alone.…

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Tips To Avoid Being Hacked On Social Media In 2016

tips to stay safe from digital criminals

Protect Your Identity And Avoid Being Hacked When Leslie Hughes of Punch Media called and asked if we could put together some notes on staying safe online for one of her upcoming talks, we were happy to oblige. Leslie is a LinkedIn Trainer, Profile Writer & Optimization Specialist Professor of Social Media. CBC called her…

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Is This iDNS Domain Renewal Letter A Scam?

A Domain Renewal Letter Scam Today’s question is about suspicious letter about an expiring domain received from iDNS Canada. Question: “We received this letter in the mail about one of our domains, but I thought you had our two domains bundled for us.  Do we need to do anything? Here is a scan of the letter.” Answer:  These…

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7 Crucial Lessons For Facebook Business Pages

Ever feel like you need an infinite credit card just to win at managing business pages on Facebook? Organic reach is lower than ever and it seems the social networking giant is pushing for business pages to buy everything from likes to visibility. Of course, having this endless stream of money makes perfect sense for…

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PayPal Phishing Email and Fake Website

Screenshot of a fake PayPal phishing website

PayPal Phishing Site Looks Like An Exact Copy A new, very well done PayPal phishing email and fake PayPal site are presently in circulation, and they look incredibly legitimate, but make no mistake – their fakes designed to steal your personal info. First reported to us by an IT professional who was almost duped himself, we’re…

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