Microsoft Office 365

What Is Office 365? What’s The Difference Between Home and Business?

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A lot of people think Office 365 is simply a subscription version of Microsoft Word & Excel.  Office 365 is many things; a software suite as a subscription service (home edition) a hosted email server that can replace an aging exchange server (business edition) a backend small business server suite and a lot of associated…

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Is Microsoft Office 365 Really PIPEDA compliant?

M asks: “I keep reading that Microsoft and their Office 365 services are PIPEDA compliant – but their own compliance page doesn’t indicate this… where do I see they are actually “in writing” compliant??” TUCU answers: “Hi M, Microsoft (or any other provider) can’t exactly be “in writing” compliant as the wording of PIPEDA puts…

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Microsoft Rolls Out OneDrive Update And Users Like It

Great news for Office 365 subscribers and OneDrive users! Microsoft has rolled out it’s early release of OneDrive Files On Demand. OK, clunky name, but, it promises to eliminate the OneDrive sync issues many users have experienced when trying to sync their files stored in OneDrive in the cloud to their local computer. Early testers…

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Why Buy Office 365?

Why Buy Office 365 For Your Small Business? If your team relies on Microsoft software such as Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more, and you want better cloud and collaboration tools, making the switch to Office 365 makes sense. With an Office 365 subscription, you can eliminate an aging email exchange server. You can avoid…

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Outlook Gets A Free CRM – Outlook Customer Manager

Outlook Customer Manager CRM Screenshot

The hunt for a good CRM that plays nice with your existing tools, and that doesn’t create duplicate process is akin to chasing a unicorn. Microsoft aims to ease your woes with the introduction of a new feature called Outlook Customer Manager. Introducing Outlook Customer Manager Outlook Customer Manager gives you a complete view of…

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New & Improved – OneDrive for Business Next Generation Sync Client

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From the beginning OneDrive (formerly known as SkyDrive and SkyDrive Pro) has always strived to provide businesses with the performance and services that they need from a cloud service solution. OneDrive for Business allows users to create, edit, store and share files within their OneDrive and Microsoft SharePoint libraries. Unfortunately, the OneDrive for Business client…

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Cost Comparison Of A Server Upgrade vs Office 365

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Today, many small businesses are weighing the options of a new on premise server versus a switch to Microsoft Office 365 in the cloud. When purchasing new technology, most small business owners are primarily concerned with up front price. In the following post, we compare some costs for a small business server upgrade and Office…

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Will Office 365 Work Better For Your Small Business?

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No matter where you’re geographically located – Toronto, Whitby, Mumbai, Helsinki – to successfully own or operate a small business in the twenty-first century, it’s key to have the right technology tools.  Better yet, investing in a single, streamlined package of software and services simply makes sense. Microsoft Office 365 is increasingly becoming the obvious choice…

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