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Common Network Security Threats In 2015

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In October 2015 alone, there were 1500 active malware families. 3 of them were responsible for 40% of all successful DDOS attacks on networks and spam campaigns.  We’ve listed them below, and have included a fourth Trojan virus because of its rapid rise in use to steal passwords, financial data and more.  Being aware of these threats…

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Modern Network Security White Paper

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IT Security; Creating Heroes, Not Headaches BitDefender is a proven IT security product that increases network security without unnecessary complexity.  We recommend BitDefender to our customers frequently. Today, we’re sharing a white paper prepared by BitDefender titled IT Security: Creating Heroes Instead of Headaches (click to download the PDF). Covered by this white paper are…

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Malware As A Service

BitDefender is an award winning antivirus program which we often recommend to clients. In this video, the BitDefender teams explains to us the new reality of Malware As A Service, and how digital criminals are creating and selling simplified methods for any buyer on the black market to purchase and use to launch a cyber…

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Q&A: Why do suspicious zip files come through in Office 365?

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Question About Suspicious Zip Files In Email Today’s question is about suspicious zip file email attachments. Question: We have a new commercial grade firewall installed but we have had a few suspicious zip files come in lately. Why is our web filter not preventing suspicious zip files from coming in through email? Answer:  Those zip files…

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Ransomware Rising Sharply In 2015

Ransomware Rising – Keep These Costly Viruses Off Your Network In 2013, there were only two ransomware families: Cryptolocker and Cryptowall. In the first half of 2015, nine new ransomware families emerged: CoinVault TeslaCrypt Cryptofortress PClock AlphaCrypt El-Polocker CoinVault 2.0 Locker TOX Ransomware remains highly lucrative for hackers. These viruses continue to evolve and have been…

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Fake Windows 10 Upgrade Link Leads To CTB Locker Ransomware

Fake Windows 10 Upgrade Installs Ransomware Pro Tip: Only Upgrade From Your Operating System Cisco detected and reported on a phishing email in circulation that prompts users to upgrade to Windows 10 for free. The problem is, the email leads you to download a ransomware virus called CTB Locker. CTB Locker will encrypt your files…

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Small Business Network Security Statistics: Know Your Risks

The Need For Small Business Network Security Most modern small businesses rely on technology to operate. You might use your smartphone to check your company email, your tablet to send out invoices, and your desktop to make marketing presentations.  Your team members likely do the same. No matter what your particular technological configuration is, your…

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What Is A VPN – Virtual Private Network? Do I Need One?

What is a Virtual Private Network (VPN)? A Virtual Private Network is a tool used by businesses to allow employees to access resources in the office from remote locations, safely and securely. It is an excellent tool for those who have concerns over cloud security. How does a Virtual Private Network work? Virtual private networks…

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How To Configure Windows Firewall

Learn How To Configure Windows Firewall With Our Step By Step Instructions If you are using any type of Windows operating system, you have a tool called the Windows Firewall. This program allows and blocks access to your computer. As explained in our previous blog post, firewalls are the forefront of your internet protection, and you…

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