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Data Leaks, Digital Privacy Act & Your Small Business

data leaks in small business

There have been significant changes to Canada’s Digital Privacy Act, which are being enforced as of Nov 1, 2018, yet many small business owners are not informed on their responsibility in managing customer information. PIPEDA broadly defines “personal information” as “information about an identifiable individual.” It can be a clients age, financial information or a…

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Ransomware Statistics In Canada – 2017 to 2018 Update

ransomware concept image

Canadian Ransomware Statistics Update Cybercrime is still going strong, and small business owners are suffering. Ransomware, created in 2013, is a new favourite among cybercriminals. This malicious software is designed to block access to a computer system, denying access to data until a sum of money is paid. For small business owners, it is not…

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5 Tips For Small Business Data Security Improvements

digital lock indicating weak Data Security policy

If sensitive data plays any role in your small business, you need to protect it. Sensitive data can be email correspondence with a client, payment information, financial records, personal identification used to approve or secure services or loans, health related information, legal case file information and more.  With more advanced and complex IT systems constantly evolving,…

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Canadian Network Security Risk Statistics

text canadian network security risks with image of digital password being stolen

If you own a business, you almost certainly use technology every day. Aside from routine operations, technology is also utilized in various forms to communicate with clients and with other team members. If you are like most businesses, not all communication happens within the office. You probably use a combination of computers, tablets, and smartphones…

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3 Basic Layers Of Network Security For Small Business

3 layers of network security cover

Good network security practices are required to protect your company and client data, the lifeblood of your business. Whether you are in research and development, marketing, law or the nonprofit sector, getting these things right will ensure you have the proper defenses in place the next time a big attack like WannaCry happens.  Good networking…

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Canadian Companies and Ransomware

Ransomware In Canada title over Canadian flag

Canadian Companies More Likely To Pay Ransomware Demands The following findings were the Canadian portion of a study of 540 respondents in 4 countries, and it seems Canadians were more likely to pay ransomware demands.  The study was undertaken by Osterman Research, published by Malware Bytes and reported on by Profit Guide. In this small…

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Protection Against Ransomware In 2016-2017

Sensitive Data & Protection Against Ransomware In Small Business In 2013 there were only 2 types of ransomware. By mid 2015 there were 9 variants.  In 2016, ransomware grows and evolves with new variants with more sophisticated encryption and file destruction methods circulating. Until now, cyber criminals have been randomly testing their ransomware exploit kits. 2016…

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About PowerWare; Ransomware in Word Documents

Does your team use Microsoft Word? Most teams do. Is your team highly skilled in spotting and avoiding Ransomware? Most teams are not. Here is what you need to know about PowerWare – a new ransomware in Word documents. PowerWare is a recently discovered threat that exploits Windows Operating Systems using PowerShell. PowerShell is essentially…

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