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IT Disaster Recovery Tips For Small Business

Storm Prep Your Tech With These IT Disaster Recovery Tips El Nino is reportedly going to create some drastic weather patterns across the globe this year.  Paired with the upcoming storm season in Canada, September is a good time to review or create your disaster preparedness plan. In this post we cover some areas to review. […]

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4 Simple Ways to Improve Your Small Business IT

Improve your small business IT setup today. If you own a small business in this digital age, having reliable IT (information technology) is key. You and your staff most likely rely on computers for most of your daily functions, from billing to shipping to promotion. If your system goes down or becomes overrun by glitches […]

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Small Business IT Problems Caused By Family Politics

Computer Support Q&A This post is pasrt of a series – a fun look inside our email inbox here at TUCU tech support in Toronto, ON.  Our Computer Support Q&A series features true and embellished stories and Q&A’s from clients and computer users.  All identifying information is removed and some details may be changed to […]

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Data Loss…It Happens

Small Business Data BackUp And Data Loss Video Transcript: Hi, I’m Zoe Tsoraklidis from TUCU tech mates and I’m here today in my office recording this no frills video because I want to help you protect you from data loss. This week a Colleague posted on Facebook that something went wrong with her external hard […]

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Small Business IT Support Stunted By Lack Of Investment

Canadian “small” business is defined as having up to 500 employees or making between $30,000 –  $5,000,000 in sales per year. So whether you are a solopreuneur making $50,000, or have a team of say 12, and are billing over $2,000,000, you are a small business.  And that’s great!  Small business is lively, agile, full […]

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Is Outdated Technology Costing Your Small Business Customers?

Your Small Business Could Be Losing Customers Every Day Because Of Outdated Tech (And The Studies Prove It) Outdated Technology Will Cost Your Small Business Potential Customers Small business owners are sometimes slow to invest in, and use, technology. Whether it’s for promotion, customer relationship management, invoicing, or customer service, technology is often underused or […]

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Would Your Business Survive A Flood? IT Disaster Recovery Plans

Would your business survive a flood?  Take a moment to consider the location of your paper files, computers and servers.  Would they survive a flood the likes of the recent floods in Toronto, stranding Go Train commuters, or the recent floods in Calgary or New York, submerging subways and street level offices alike.   Natural […]

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