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“My Email Isn’t Coming Through My Website”

Email Not Coming Through From Website Form – You Asked, We Answered There are many reasons email sent through a web form may not be delivered. Today we answer “A”.  Her problem is a common one.  She isn’t the first small business owner to be let down by free email. Hi Zoe, I have had a…

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Why Is My Email Going To Spam Folders?

emails not being delivered

5 Reasons Your Email Is Going To Spam Recently, one of our solopreneur clients asked “Why is my email ending up in people’s spam folders?”   Various things contribute to the spam risk rating or spam score of each email sent. A spam score is assigned on a scale of 1-10, with lower being better.  By…

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Your Small Business Needs A Branded Email Address

text - branded email - why you need professional email for your small business

Your professional image deserves a branded email address.  If you’re still using a free email like @hotmail or @yahoo for your business, you’re sending the wrong message. Have you ever wondered how many opportunities you’ve missed by not putting forth your best image?  A branded email address tells people you are the right candidate, a…

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Computer Problem – Receiving Greek Text In An Email

Computer Problem – Receiving Greek Text In An Email Lauren emailed us with a a small computer problem – she received a garbled email of what appeared to be Russian or Greek text from a company she was trying to do business with. Lauren wrote: Hi Adam, We got this email from one of our…

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How To Send Large Email Attachments

Ever Wonder How To Send A Large Email Attachment? Here are some guides on sending large files via email. Gmail Email Attachments Gmail email allows for  25 MB file attachments, but with Google Drive, you can upload and share a file up to 1 TB large! That’s HUGE for most users. Office 365 Email Attachments…

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