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woman working from home with Microsoft 365 and IT support from TUCU

Remote Working with Microsoft 365

September 8, 2020

Work from home transitions may not have gone as smoothly or securely as you would like, as they were likely done in a hurry earlier this year. However, now you can step back and secure your remote work infrastructure and reinvent how your team works – and where you re-allocate your commercial rent budget. Migrating…

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data security concept

Data Loss Prevention with Microsoft 365

August 20, 2020

Every small business – from the local food truck, to the dental office, to the hedge fund to the design studio – trades in sensitive information. We all use technology and we all have to protect our own information, and that of our clients.  We all need security awareness, culture and systems to limit risk, especially…

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employee password on screen

Secure Password Enforcement for Small Business

July 20, 2020

Two of the weakest points in your cyber security position are your employees behaviour (clicking risky links, opening bad attachments) and their passwords, because they are weak and easy to crack. This is true for large enterprise companies and small business alike. The good news is, secure password enforcement is fairly easy to lock down.…

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employee copying files

Insider Threats – Trust But Verify

March 11, 2020

What you don’t know your employees are doing behind your back can destroy your business. Enter predictive insider risk management tools. We all want to trust our staff.  After all, we went through a long and expensive process to hire them, get them up to speed, and set them on the path to achieving our…

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Zero Trust Networks

Building A Zero Trust Network For Small Business with Microsoft 365

November 4, 2019

In the era of total connectivity, companies who follow the old ways of doing network security are running great risks. It’s important to understand the Zero Trust Network for small business, why this is the new networking standard for IT security, and how to get started with Microsoft 365. Microsoft offers powerful tools for cloud…

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What Kind of Controls are Needed for Good Cloud Security With Azure Active Directory?

October 15, 2019

As practically everything migrates to the cloud, cybersecurity has quickly become a top priority worthy of attention from the SMB owners and corporate executives alike. But protecting critical data isn’t the same as it was a decade ago. Things were simpler then, when simply protecting the perimeter was good enough. Today you have to assume…

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employee using byod mobile phone

BYOD For Small Business – Balancing Risk and Mobility

September 20, 2019

Most employees no longer believe an office presence is necessary for a productive day’s work. Some reports support the idea that greater focus and productivity can come from employees working from home. Other reports support the idea that teams function best when physically present together. Most certainly, since broadband access became widespread, and as mobile…

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external hard drive backup on a computer

How Data Losses Happen – How To Prevent Them

May 21, 2019

We recently worked with a small business owner who doesn’t have any data back up in place. Their files are stored on an external hard drive which they back up to every so often. Even if they had a central file storage device like a NAS, with mirrored drives, each housing the full data backup…

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data leaks in small business cover image

Data Leaks, Digital Privacy Act & Your Small Business

January 14, 2019

There have been significant changes to Canada’s Digital Privacy Act, which are being enforced as of Nov 1, 2018, yet many small business owners are not informed on their responsibility in managing customer information – and certainly not prepared to prevent data leaks, breaches and intrusions. PIPEDA broadly defines “personal information” as “information about an…

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usb data theft by employee

Internal Data Security – 5 Areas To Improve Your SMB

January 13, 2019

Usually when people discuss network security and potential threats, they are talking about external threats. A hooded figure behind a keyboard may not be the most likely culprit out there. Perpetrators can be on your own payroll. While news of large companies being breached pop up regularly, the importance of internal data security for small…

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