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ransomware infection on laptop

Ransomware; What Financial Advisors (And Every Professional With A Computer) Need To Know

We had the pleasure of speaking with Investment Executive Reporter, Leah Golob, on ransomware and what financial advisors need to know to protect their data.   Leah asked some great questions to help financial advisors understand the nature of ransomware, their personal risk, how they can better protect their practices, and what to do if infected. […]

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Password Security Talk with Investment Executive

We spoke with Leah Golob from Investment Executive about password security.  Here’s the summary of our conversation, and the resulting article. Why is creating a secure password so important these days? Assuming that it isn’t the online service itself being attacked and it is your account specifically: The complexity and length of a password determine […]

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Effective Spam Email With Subject Line: Reminder: Removing the Office 2016 version of Office 365

Spot The Microsoft Phishing Email Friends, please be ever more cautious and on guard for phishing emails.  Our client submitted a very effective spam email with the subject line Reminder: “Removing the Office 2016 version of Office 365 “.  See screenshot below and keep these tips in mind for spotting phishing emails. Notice how the from email […]

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New Gmail Phishing Email Very Hard To Spot

New Gmail Phishing Email Looks Identical To Gmail Login Page As you know, phishing schemes are increasingly sophisticated, with fakes that appear nearly indistinguishable from genuine websites or email. Today we share with you a new Gmail phishing email scheme that is highly effective because it is difficult to spot. While this attack vector is targeted […]

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Fantom Ransomware screenshot

Fake Windows Update is Actually Fantom Ransomware Encrypting Your Files

Fake Windows Update Installs Fantom Ransomware Fantom is a new ransomware that mimics a real Windows update. It displays a false Windows Update screen as seen below but in the background it encrypts your files. It is part of a growing trend of viruses that look like software we know and trust. And because we […]

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How To Improve Computer Security by Removing Administrator Rights in Windows

Why And How To Remove Administrator Rights From Your Windows Computer Hi, I’m Adam Thorn President of TUCU tech you can use.   Today I’m going to tell you why, and how to remove Administrator rights from your computer.  The process has many steps, however they are simple to do. I have outlined them in […]

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Are You Guilty Of These Two Bad Small Business Computer Security Habits?

Small Business Computer Security Habits When it comes to small business computer security, prevention costs less, hurts less, and makes more sense. So why is it that so many of us still fail to practice the basics that can protect from big, expensive computer problems? It boils down to a lack of understanding. You may not […]

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What do antivirus scanners on your PC actually look for in a file?

We love reddit, because amidst photos of cute puppies (our favourite category), internet memes and various online shenanigans, there are many insightful, intelligent people sharing good information. In the snippet below, a reddit user answers the question “What do antivirus scanners on your PC actually look for in a file?”. It’s a great answer, so […]

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