Computer Security

Password Security Talk with Investment Executive

We spoke with Leah Golob from Investment Executive about password security.  Here’s the summary of our conversation, and the resulting article. Why is creating a secure password so important these days? Assuming that it isn’t the online service itself being attacked and it is your account specifically: The complexity and length of a password determine…

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Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts – Keeping IT Simple

computer keyboard

It does not take more than a keyboard, mouse or a touchpad to navigate through any computer operating system. However, doing it efficiently by saving mouse clicks is another story. Knowing some of the most useful keyboard shortcuts can improve your productivity at work each day.  Today, we’re talking about Microsoft’s newest operating system – Windows…

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New Gmail Phishing Email Very Hard To Spot

New Gmail Phishing Email Looks Identical To Gmail Login Page As you know, phishing schemes are increasingly sophisticated, with fakes that appear nearly indistinguishable from genuine websites or email. Today we share with you a new Gmail phishing email scheme that is highly effective because it is difficult to spot. While this attack vector is targeted…

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What is hard disk corruption?

hard drive corruption - When good hard drives go bad

Hard disk corruption means that the data (be it programs, user data or system data) of a specific area of memory is no longer readable. Power failures are the most common cause of data and hard disk corruption. Computer crashes are another common cause.  When a computer or server is improperly shut off, whatever is…

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What do antivirus scanners on your PC actually look for in a file?

We love reddit, because amidst photos of cute puppies (our favourite category), internet memes and various online shenanigans, there are many insightful, intelligent people sharing good information. In the snippet below, a reddit user answers the question “What do antivirus scanners on your PC actually look for in a file?”. It’s a great answer, so…

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