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Computer Security

How To Identify Phishing Emails – Tips For Small Business Teams

sample phishing email

The internet is a bit like the wild west, except instead of train and bank robbers we now have hackers who attempt to steal your information. The most popular way for these attackers to get control of your systems and companies’ information is through a method called “phishing”. These emails are designed to trick the…

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New Gmail Phishing Email Very Hard To Spot

New Gmail Phishing Email Looks Identical To Gmail Login Page As you know, phishing schemes are increasingly sophisticated, with fakes that appear nearly indistinguishable from genuine websites or email. Today we share with you a new Gmail phishing email scheme that is highly effective because it is difficult to spot. While this attack vector is targeted…

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What is hard disk corruption?

hard drive corruption - When good hard drives go bad

Hard disk corruption means that the data (be it programs, user data or system data) of a specific area of memory is no longer readable. Power failures are the most common cause of data and hard disk corruption. Computer crashes are another common cause.  When a computer or server is improperly shut off, whatever is…

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Bad Small Business Computer Security Habits

small business owner with good security working on laptop

When it comes to small business computer security, prevention costs less, hurts less, and makes more sense. So why is it that so many of us still fail to practice the basics that can protect from big, expensive computer problems? It boils down to a lack of understanding. You may not understand the risks, so why…

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Step By Step Instructions To Encrypt Your SmartPhone

We tested MobileVault and CrypSafe for you and you should check those reviews out.  But you should also know that setting up your smartphone encryption is pretty straight forward. Here’s how to do it. Android Phone Encryption Instructions For Android, the device can encrypt accounts, settings and apps. The steps to perform Android encryption are:…

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A Beginner’s Guide To The Password Manager

A password manager is like a master key for all your online accounts.

With So Many Online Accounts, Is It Time For A Password Manager? In a previous post I wrote about why reusing passwords is a bad idea. But, in a world where more and more services like banking, hydro, cellular, takeout food, online shopping and more are encouraging us to use online portals, having a long list…

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Why You Must Stop Reusing Passwords

Don't Reuse That Password blog cover

We’ve all done it. And most of us won’t think twice before doing it again. Here is why you should never reuse an account password again. Reusing passwords on multiple accounts may seem harmless enough, an easy way to remember your logins for multiple websites. And I’m sure you agree that we all have too…

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