Microsoft Teams Payment App Is Here

Microsoft Teams Payment App - Cover

Microsoft Teams users can now get paid via the app. Are you a small business owner or a freelancer who offers services online? If so, Microsoft Teams Payment App helps you get paid by your customers in a fast and convenient way. The beautiful thing is that you don’t even have to switch apps to […]

Zero Click Malware Prevention Tips

malware infection concept

Cybersecurity threats continue to evolve and some don’t need any interaction from you in order to be launched. These growing threats are known as zero-click malware. They require no user interaction and can silently compromise devices and networks, with the ability to execute a range of malicious activities. Imagine missing a call and ending up […]

Push-Bombing Threats Can Bypass 2FA

push bombing concept with multiple authentication codes sent to user

In this post we cover a new threat called push-bombing so that if it happens to you or your team, you know what to do. In order to learn or grow, we have to challenge assumptions.  First, let’s challenge the assumption that every password you and your team use are strong. Research says this is not […]

The Critical Importance of Virtual Infrastructure Security (And 4 Ways to Enhance It)

virtual infrastructure concept

A torn-down virtual infrastructure creates risks for any business and can have a significant impact on how quickly you can retrieve your data and resume operations following an attack. These days, many businesses use virtual infrastructure for more straightforward data storage. It’s because this approach is superior to physical solutions due to enhanced flexibility, straightforward […]

Your Security Gaps With Secure Cloud Apps

cloud apps shared liability concept photo

If you are using a popular cloud app such as QuickBooks, HubSpot, RentMagic, Yardi, Tableau, TobiiPro, Dentrix, AbleDent or anything else, you might assume everything is secure. And that is true. It’s also false. Here’s what you need to know about your IT security responsibility for any cloud software you may use. Cloud Security Is […]

Microsoft InTune and AutoPilot Vs Azure Virtual Desktops

Microsoft InTune and AutoPilot Vs Windows Virtual Desktop hero image

As more of us adopt remote work solutions for small business, it’s a great time to talk about two highly reliable and secure work from anywhere solutions. Both Microsoft InTune + AutoPilot and Windows Virtual Desktop provide secure remote work solutions. InTune + AutoPilot are technologies that supplement a traditional network or remote team. Windows […]

Why Are My Emails Going To Spam? 5 Reasons And Solutions

5 Factors That Affect Your Spam Score Desktop Mail Clients, Cheap Web Hosting & Email Going To Spam HTML code in your email signature can land you in junk folder Message Content Of Email Can Get Stuck In Spam Filter Your Domain Reputation Recipient’s Settings Sending Email To Spam More Tips To Improve Email Security […]

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