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Google Drive To Backup Your Entire Computer

Great news for Google users – soon, Google Drive will be able to back up your entire computer. This new feature is called “Backup and Sync” by Google and is the latest version of Google Drive for Mac/PC.  The intent is to allow you to back up all your files and photos so they are safe…

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Fun With Forms- An Introduction To Google Forms

Introduction To Google Forms With Screenshots Google forms is really great and also limited in some ways, but we use it a fair bit. Today I am walking you through an intro with Google Forms. You can create forms for a wide variety of needs. We have checklist forms for many of our internal processes.…

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Outlook Gets A Free CRM – Outlook Customer Manager

Outlook Customer Manager CRM Screenshot

The hunt for a good CRM that plays nice with your existing tools, and that doesn’t create duplicate process is akin to chasing a unicorn. Microsoft aims to ease your woes with the introduction of a new feature called Outlook Customer Manager. Introducing Outlook Customer Manager Outlook Customer Manager gives you a complete view of…

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Windows Server 2016 And Dynamics 365 Release

Windows Server 2016 Available via TUCU in Toronto

Windows Server 2016 Released, Dynamics 365 Coming November 1st In the September back to business edition of our monthly newsletter, we shared some updates on protecting your small business from ransomware.  This month we are sharing releases from Microsoft.  Microsoft has released Windows Server 2016 to market, and are unveiling additional editions suitable for small business…

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4 Tips For Better Video Conferencing For Small Business

Video Conferencing Tips The recommended requirements and specifications for enterprise video conferencing equipment sound rather expensive to implement. And they are. The implementation guides call for heavy bandwidth per user and lots of restrictions to ensure there aren’t issues with video lag during conferencing, jittery feeds, or dropped video feeds altogether. These pricey solutions are…

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Microsoft Announces Canadian Data Centres

Good News For Canadian Cloud Services Shoppers Microsoft announced Canadian data centres to be built by 2016, to serve the ever increasing demand for nationally hosted cloud services.  This is great news for our clients who have inquired about the excellent cloud collaboration tools Office 365 offers, but who are limited by data housing rules pertaining…

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Mobile March: Mobile Solutions For Your Small Business

It’s Mobile March here at TUCU tech support.  We’re exploring the demand for mobile solutions for small business.  Let’s jump in and review some of the options. Mobile Payment Collection For many small businesses, being able to process credit card payments away from your office or store is an important part of being competitive.  The question…

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Is Dropbox For Business Good?

From time to time we’re asked about file sharing solutions like Dropbox.  Dropbox For Business offers a simple document sharing solution for small teams with small budgets. As you grow, or if you require more stringent privacy & data controls, you may want to explore a more robust solution such as Office 365 and Sharepoint or…

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