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Who Pays For Employee Computer Repairs & Support?

Many small business owners allow employees to bring their own computers to work. This is known as BYOD. It’s also considered a computer security no-no and headache to manage and support. It gets even more complicated when computer repair or IT Support is needed and the question of who foots the bill comes into play. […]

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Mobile Device Management in Office 365 & G Suite

Mobile Device Management in Office 365 & G Suite – Toronto, ON Mobile Device Management (MDM) allows your IT manager or IT support company to remotely troubleshoot mobile devices and to enforce IT security policies such as screen locks and strong passwords.  MDM also allows for separation of personal and company owned data on mobile devices, […]

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Why CYOD Is Safer Than BYOD For Small Business

CYOD Is Better Than BYOD For Small Business Security BYOD is Bring Your Own Device and CYOD is Choose Your Own Device, and the difference between the level of control and security your small business can have with each is night and day.  You’re using BYOD if your employees use their SmartPhones or personal computers for […]

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