Case Study: Move Server To Azure Cloud & Secure Devices

The Client

The client is a private practice medical practitioner with 4 branch offices all connecting to an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Application called YorkMed on a local Windows Server in the main office.

Industry: Medical

Staff: 10-20

Challenges: Aging server, PIPEDA compliance

Cloud EMR that meets PIPEDA -Case Study -Cover Page

The Prompt

After multiple expansions, they realized their security was lagging.

The setup was no longer compliant with PIPEDA or PIA.

They also wanted to consider cloud options to make server access easier for their satellite offices.

Pain Points

1.  PIPEDA compliance required.

2.  High risk for a breach or ransomware infection.

3.  No computer security or endpoint management in place.

4.  Branch office VPN connections were not secure.

IT Transformation

The goals were to meet PIPEDA and secure the virtual network, secure all computers, and apply data controls and permissions to restrict access to sensitive patient data based on permissions. The solutions included:

  • Migrate the server to Azure Cloud

    to provide central storage and eliminate the physical server hardware cycle

  • Use VPN to access Azure Virtual Network

    All VPN endpoints are secured and managed.

  • Enroll all computers in Azure Active Directory (AAD)

    to authenticate users, deny unauthorized access, create security policies, and apply policies and permissions to each user based on job function.

  • Enroll all computers in Microsoft Endpoint Manager (InTune)

    To secure and manage all devices accessing company network and data.

  • Enable Disaster Recovery

    All Azure servers and virtual desktops have Disaster Recovery enabled. In the event of a failure, devices can be rebuilt in minutes.

  • Provide continuous IT management services

    Management of back end cloud / IT systems + front end help desk support.


  • PIPEDA compliant
  • Easy Expansion

    Their virtual network allows them to setup additional branch offices with ease.

  • IT & Data Security

    With Endpoint and Identity Management, users are verified, and access is restricted.  Data is safer.

  • Reduced Risk

    Their resilience to ransomware and cyber threats has increased significantly with IT security best practices.

  • Disaster Recovery

    In the event of a failure, devices can be rebuilt in minutes.

  • Fully Managed IT Systems

    With TUCU's Managed IT Services, everything is taken care of.

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