Case Study: AVD Virtual Dekstops For Law Office

The Client

A law office in Toronto that outgrew their physical space and kept expanding by hiring remote staff around the globe. 

Industry: Legal

Size: 25 - 50 staff

Full Cloud Infrastructure
Azure Virtual Desktop
Managed IT Services

Can Be Compliant With:

Azure Virtual Desktops case study cover

The Prompt

This law firm has been using technology to impress, win and serve clients for years.

Growth lead to their running out of physical office space. They considered moving or  outsourcing some support roles. They decided to outsource but their local server and IT network was not set up for secure remote work. Changes were needed.

At the same time, growth led to disorganized internal processes. Their principles lost hours each day taking questions from, and directing staff. TUCU helped this law firm use RACI charts to organize internal processes.

TUCU designed a 100% cloud based solution to migrate the local server and all employee desktops to the cloud, using Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) solutions.

IT Transformation

The goals were to replace the local server and local Active Directory with a cloud solution that would work for both local staff, remote staff, and globally distributed staff. Azure Virtual Networking and remote desktops were the solution. Here's a breakdown of what we did.

  • Migrate the server to Azure Cloud

    to provide central storage and eliminate the physical server hardware cycle.

  • Enroll all computers in Azure Active Directory (AAD)

    to replace the local AD to authenticate users. Increase security policies. Apply permissions based on job function.

  • Eliminate Company Hardware Cycles

    Eliminated need to buy and maintain hardware or ship company computers to remote staff. All staff are provided a secure virtual desktop in Azure which can be accessed using any device connected to the internet.

    100% of the virtual desktop expenses fall under operating expenses.

  • Business Continuity Built In

    All Azure devices have Disaster Recovery enabled. In the event of a failure, devices can be rebuilt in minutes. 

  • Scaleable IT Systems

    Systems can be scaled up or down as staff join or leave the organization in a few minutes. Virtual RAM or memory can be added to heavy users in minutes.

Additional Benefits

Compliance: AVD can be made compliant to your framework and meet all best practices for data security.

Windows Experience: Past remote desktop options were Windows Server based and lacked familiarity for end users. AVD provides a true Windows desktop and all the functionality users are used to.

Unburdened Staff: With TUCUs Managed IT Services, all technology issues and management is delegated to our team of dedicated professionals. Staff can focus on their work, free of IT issues.

Client Testimonials

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Zoe T. Vice President of TUCU
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