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Optimize & secure your cloud environment with Azure Cloud Services and support from TUCU. Our Microsoft Certified professionals have you covered with comprehensive Azure setup & management services.

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Azure Setup & Management Services

You want to go beyond just email capabilities and get the most out of your Microsoft 365 services. We will help you apply the power of Azure Cloud Services to protect your business with cloud security tools such as Microsoft InTune and Azure Active Directory. We are your full-service Azure management team. From hiring your next employee and setting up their accounts securely, to monitoring your accounts and devices for threats every day, we have you covered with stellar IT support and Azure cloud services.

TUCU is a Microsoft Certified Cloud Services Provider supporting small business since 2003. Headquartered in Toronto, we support teams across Ontario. Whether your next hire is in Toronto, Oshawa or Peterborough, we act as your cloud services help desk team and we take care of everything for you.

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Strong Cyber Security With Azure Cloud Services

There’s more to your subscriptions than email alone. Once you have switched to Microsoft 365, we will help you fully apply a powerful cloud security framework to keep your business running smoothly. No matter your need, we will help you secure, connect, and grow your business with friendly and expert support every step of the way.

Instantly authenticate employee accounts and devices before they can sign in to company owned accounts.

Keep unauthorized users out.

Only grant the least privilege access required to each user to control data sprawl.

Limit risk of breach or data loss and minimize impact with the right controls in place.

You can apply the powerful tenets of Zero Trust Security to your business with Microsoft 365 and your team of IT professionals here at TUCU.

Securely Add & Remove Employees

As employees join or leave your organization, you need secure methods to grant and revoke access to company data. You certainly don’t want to grant access on personal devices that employees take with them upon departure.

We will help you establish your employee onboarding and offboarding processes and ensure the proper processes are completed each time you hire or exit a team member.

Automate New Device Setups

Whether your new hire is in your local office or working remotely from Belleville, we make it easy to order and ship new computers, already preconfigured with your company security settings, and automated to grant the permissions and software apps you specified during your new employee onboard request with us. It’s as simple as:

  1. Choose your device manufacturer – Dell, HP, Lenovo etc
  2. Place your order and enter your InTune number to have your device configured by the manufacturer with the IT Security settings TUCU established for your company.
  3. Ship the new, secured device to your remote employee who will run through their auto setup once they receive the device, and contact TUCU with any technical questions they may have.

Protect Sensitive Data

Your business needs data loss prevention policies and strategies. We will help you use the full force of Microsoft 365 to control sensitive information.

Your company will have sensitive data templates in place to help your team when they accidentally send out a SIN or credit card number by email, by filtering and stopping the email before it goes out.

Your company accounts will have Information Protection controls in place to restrict email forwarding, or the copying or printing of files, as you see fit.

If you wish, you can also restrict document access to cloud only copies – never a local download to an employee’s device – to limit your risk.

If you wish to maintain data integrity for your own records, or to meet your regulatory compliance requirements, you will have the appropriate compliance and retention tools setup and monitored.

Spam & Phishing Protection

Microsoft 365 Business Premium includes anti spam tools and Advanced Threat Protection, which protects you from advanced phishing campaigns and malicious code threats.

If a device is lost or stolen or compromised, you will have a remote device wipe function to protect your company.

Paired with TUCU’s additional layers of security tools, your small business will have big business security controls in place.

Iaas & Virtual Environments

Open up new possibilities with IaaS and virtual machines to host any number of services you need.

Azure & Help Desk Support

Azure Cloud Services + your new help desk team means powerful automation for your business.

Not only will all your software, applications and operating systems be updated daily and double checked weekly, we will also help you further automate your systems to make it easier to on and offboard employees or clients.

Your help desk technicians are here to provide support with Azure services, Microsoft 365 or any other computer issue you experience. It's all part of total IT management & care.

Talk to us about your needs and we will help you develop systems that serve you.

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Soar with Azure

Lean on us for all things technical and work with ease and security every day.