Azure Cloud Services Support

Optimize & secure your cloud environment with Azure Cloud Services Support from TUCU.

Our Microsoft Certified professionals have you covered with comprehensive Azure cloud setup & management services.

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Azure Cloud Setup & Management

You want to go beyond just email and do more in the cloud.  We will help you apply the power of Azure Cloud Services to protect your business with cloud security tools such as Azure Sentinel and Azure Active Directory.

Ready for 100% remote work solutions using Azure Virtual Machines? We will build your cloud infrastructure.

We are your full-service Azure cloud services management team. From hiring your next employee and setting up their accounts securely, to monitoring your accounts and devices for threats every day, we have you covered with stellar IT support and Azure cloud services.

TUCU is a Microsoft Certified Cloud Services Provider supporting small business since 2003. We take care of everything for you.

Microsoft Certified Partners since 2003.

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Azure Virtual Desktops + Servers - Setup & Support

Open up new possibilities with IaaS and virtual machines to host the data, services and virtual computers you need.  Small business Azure cloud solutions include:

Azure Virtual Servers

Azure Virtual Desktops

Azure VPN

Azure Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions

Azure Active Directory + Microsoft Identity Manager Solutions

woman working remotely with Azure Cloud services
remote work solutions with Microsoft

Azure Cloud Management Services

Azure Cloud Management Services + Support delivered by your friendly help desk team equates to powerful automation for your business.

Not only will all your software, applications and operating systems be patched and updated daily, we will also help you further automate your systems to make it easier to onboard and offboard employees or clients.

Your help desk technicians are here to provide total Microsoft & Azure Cloud Support Services so that you can work with ease & security. Schedule your free consultation to get started.

"Highly recommend"

"Totally professional and knowledgeable. Intend to make them the “go-to” suppliers for our IT problems. Highly recommend this group."

- Craig Spafford

Azure Cloud Security + Support

Azure Cloud Services are powerhouse tools that help you protect your business.

Azure Sentinel

Secure your cloud accounts and environment with Azure Sentinel & TUCU Managed IT Services Inc.  Azure Sentinel is a Security Incident & Event Manager that centralizes all notifications about suspicious alerts and activities across your devices and network, which are reviewed by our team of IT professionals in our Network Operations Centre. We remediate and resolve issues. You stay focused on your work.

Azure Active Directory (AAD)

Who is signing in to your company email?

Instantly authenticate employee accounts and devices with Azure Active Directory (and deny unknown entry attempts) before they can sign in to and gain a foothold in your company owned accounts.

Conditional Access

Keep data security under control and limit data sprawl with conditional access policies in Azure Active Directory. Only grant the least privilege access required to each user - just enough access to do their job.  These modern security best practices help you better protect your data security and your company as a whole.

Cloud Security & Digital Loss Prevention Solutions

We will help you apply the power of Azure Cloud Services to protect your business with cloud security tools such as Microsoft InTune, Azure Active Directory, Virtual networks, virtual desktops, secure VPN, network traffic inspection (IDS/IPS) and much more.

Limit risk of breach or data loss and minimize impact with the right controls in place.

Meet industry IT compliance requirements and pass channel security screenings with leading cloud security solutions & support from TUCU Managed IT Services Inc.

Is your cloud security good enough? 

Clients and vendors are looking for security conscious companies who adopt modern cloud security solutions including Azure Cloud Services.  TUCU will take care of your Azure Cloud Services Support to help you protect and grow your business. Let's talk.

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