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IT Support Prices

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Hourly IT Support Prices

Online support – $150/hour. 30 minute minimum. 15 minute increments thereafter.

Onsite support – $150/hour.  1 hour minimum. 15 minute increments thereafter

Like our countless happy clients, you can count on us.

IT Project Prices

Project Rates - Reduced rates quoted as a flat fee.

IT projects can cost anywhere from $500-$40,000.

Each IT project has many variables that affect time and therefore price. For example, do you have 4 employee accounts to migrate to the cloud, or 40?  If your computers are all running Windows 10, but the IT security tools you need only work with Windows 10 Pro, then your project will need to include operating system upgrade time + licenses.

Your project is unique, so let's talk about it. We are here to help you understand the full picture, and balance your budget with your immediate needs and opportunity costs, and get you the right technology to help your business thrive, grow and succeed.

IT Management Fees

Outsourcing your IT Management enables you to put best practices in place to:

  • protect data
  • meet compliance
  • reduce risk, loss, breach
  • support your team
  • maximize your technology
  • work with a trusted IT partner
  • grow your business

Moving away from hourly break & fix support to comprehensive IT services can be transformational for your business.

Our comprehensive Managed IT Services for small business custom tailored to fit your needs.

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