IT Support Prices

Imagine trying to work without technology for a single day.

We deliver quality IT support services to people who value technology and rely on it daily.

the value of good IT management is not based on the price

Free IT Consultation

Free Phone or Video meeting regarding your needs.

Diagnostic Fee

For any hands on assessment, troubleshooting and break and fix work, including diagnostic assessment, we begin with a Standard Service Agreement.  Standard rates apply.

Hourly IT Support Prices

$155/hr during business hours. Evenings & weekends by appointment and project price.

You can count on us.

IT Consultant For Business Service Agreements & Data Security Screenings

Retain our services to respond to a BSA or vendor's infosec/ data security screening questionnaire. Send us your file for a quote.

IT Project Prices

IT projects can cost anywhere from $500-$40,000.

Each IT project has many variables that affect time and therefore price. For example, do you have 4 employee accounts to migrate, or 40?  If your computers are all running Windows 10, but the IT security tools you need only work with Windows 10 Pro, then your project will need to include operating system upgrade time + licenses. Your project is unique, so let's talk about it.

The important question though, is how much will it cost if you don't update your technology and IT security? The cost of breaches and hacks exceed IT improvements. And the opportunity cost of losing business to competitors with IT security in place is huge.

Book your free Discovery Call. We'll talk about your risks and opportunities, as well as your wish list.  You will receive a project scope and quote, and we can go from there.

Cost Of IT Outsourcing & Management Services

IT Security best practices are not set it and forget tools and processes. They require ongoing management.  Outsourcing your IT Management enables you to put best practices in place to:

  • reduce risk
  • protect data
  • support your team
  • maximize your cloud services
  • optimize your cyber security and data management
  • benefit from VCIO services
  • meet compliance
  • track SIEM - Security Incident & Event Management and insider threats
  • pass partner & vendor security screenings and win more business

Moving away from hourly break & fix support to comprehensive IT services can be transformational for your business.

Your flat fee will include everything you need to stay compliant, secure and productive.  

Schedule your Discovery Call to learn what is required to first secure your IT systems, and then to outsource your ongoing IT management.

We Fix Techaches & Make People Happy

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