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We work with many industries, including:

  • Accounting and CFO services
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  • Marketing
  • Research and Analytics Firms
  • Property Management
  • Real Estate
  • Private Practice Lawyers
  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Trades
  • Small And Medium Business

Working Together

Many new clients call in for help after something goes wrong.

Many others have already awakened to the benefits of proactive Managed IT Services.

These case studies highlight some of what we can do for you.

To protect our clients privacy and security, identifying details are omitted.

Case Studies

Case 1: Fixing File Sharing Problems With Remote Employees Using A Simple NAS


This client is suffering from unbearably slow access to documents. They are working off an aging physical server housing a virtual server. They do not want to move to cloud based subscriptions.

The team works with large PowerPoint files but their file sharing setup was crippling their productivity. File access, downloads and email attachments are very slow within the office. Remote employees are repeatedly disconnected and unable to work.

Time & Cost

Case 2: Meeting Data Security Requirements For Government Contracts


In order to win a government contract, this private company needs to setup a secure file sharing solution to meet security compliance requirements.

Public cloud storage is not allowed. Private cloud storage must be housed in Canada.

External government employees require access, in addition to internal employees at the company.

Time & Cost

Case 3: Meeting Data Security Requirements For Business Partnership


This marketing research firm required network security improvements in order to bid for a lucrative job from a large vendor. TUCU helped them meet all information security requirements quickly, which allowed them to win the contract. Problems included:

  • No user control - all team members could access all data
  • No user authentication - anyone could log on to the network
  • No security when working remotely or on mobile devices
  • No network management - the vendor required that trained IT technicians manage the network and perform frequent scans and updates
Time & Cost

Case 4: Fixing Network Cross Talk & WiFi Issues


Susan and her team had intermittent WiFi issues.  Their problems became exponentially worse when they began sub letting part of their office to a tenant. They also purchased new laptops that simply would not perform well on WiFi. The problems were:

  • Out of date WiFi hardware (compliant with old WiFi G protocols - not able to support new AC protocols released over last 3 years)
  • No good neighbour requirements setup with new tenants
  • Security gaps due to old model firewall
  • Loss of WiFi bandwidth
  • Brand new laptops and devices on network hampered by slow speed of WiFi network (new devices are performing like old, slow devices when on WiFi, and negating the investment in this upgraded equipment)
Time & Cost

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