Company History & Mission

Every password we reset, software crash we fix, and network we secure, - it's all to help you succeed. That's what our tech wizards do.

Our Origin Story

We're not saying we're super heroes with cool origin stories, but we have been called tech wizards, computer whisperers, and life savers.

Helping people use tech is driving force behind TUCU.

Prior to founding TUCU, Adam Thorn worked in corporate IT with positions in telecommunications at Nortel and in network security at CIBC and HP Canada.

Back then, there weren't many people in this space - serving small business. Adam saw a need and wanted to help - to give small business the same layers of network security, user access control and data management the big guys had.

With several Microsoft Certifications and years of experience under his belt, Adam left corporate IT in 2003 and set out to fix techaches.  As a freelance IT Consultant in Toronto for many years, he helped shape the networks of many small businesses.

In time, cyber security needs for small business changed in response to growing threats and ransomware. TUCU went from IT Consulting + IT Support Services to also offering IT Security + IT Management Services.

Today, TUCU is a top rated IT Company in Toronto that specializes in working with small teams of 5-50 people.

Join the hundreds of happy clients who rely on us for IT magic each and every day.

Adam Thorn TUCU President IT Consultant
zoe t - it services coordinator

Zoe Tsoraklidis
Service Coordinator

computer support technician - team member photo

Kieran O'Connor
IT Analyst

computer support technician - team member photo

Berj Hajenian
Network Analyst

computer support technician - team member photo

Aman Singh
On Call IT Technician

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Nathan Amed
Cabling Contractor

Our Why

You can't do business without IT today.

Our mission, and we chose to accept it, is to help small business teams with technology so that they can work with ease and security everyday.

We provide insight and solutions for the IT issues you are aware of, and those in your blind spot, such as security gaps, at risk of breach accounts, risk of hardware failure and more. We give you options for one time IT assessment + remediation, or ongoing IT management to fulfill the critical functions of the IT department you are missing.

While some companies big and small continue to ignore the need for IT security and best practices, many are wise to the current landscape and are taking the right steps to secure and protect their business.

It is becoming common now for vendors to assess their partners IT security in order to do business.

We're here supporting you in all of it - whether it's meeting your compliance needs, passing vendor security screenings, or giving you peace of mind and support when you need it.

Most of our hourly clients are solopreuneurs or small teams of 3-5 people.  They call for emergency issues or as needed support.  Of course, we'll continue to offer hourly IT services in Toronto for as long as it makes sense.  In between service calls, we'll keep sharing info to educate small business owners on the need for IT Security + Management. The cyber security landscape today demands it.

Most of our Managed IT Services clients have 8-20 employees. Some have 30-50 plus users.

None of them have the budget for in house IT departments, but all of them have the need.

We're able to efficiently support them all by implementing best practices that we are deeply skilled in and which all but eliminate surprise IT problems - and that makes our job easier and our clients happier.

So that is us in a nutshell. How about you? How can we help you?

small business team with IT support fist bumping