7 Great Features Of Microsoft Azure For Your SMB

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What is Microsoft Azure?  Microsoft Azure cloud services offers you a cloud computing infrastructure.  It isn’t a cloud based software, but rather a cloud based environment in which you can run your software or create your applications in.

Azure is a flexible and open cloud platform that lets you quickly design, develop, and manage applications across a worldwide network of datacenters managed by Microsoft. You can create applications with any framework, tool, or language. You can even integrate your cloud applications within the IT environment you have set up already.

Azure makes sense for small-to-midsize businesses that have data storage requirements that exceed their on-premises server capabilities. It allows for expansion or migration without an investment in hardware that is doomed to devalue with time.

Microsoft Azure For Small Business Use

Azure has support from several different programming frameworks and languages. Windows Azure offers enables several services, such as:

  • Business Analytics
  • Cloud Services
  • Data Management
  • Identity
  • Media Services
  • Messaging
  • Mobile Services
  • Virtual Machines
  • Websites

7 Features That Make Microsoft Azure Good For Small Business

Launch Websites Fast: With access to the Windows Azure Management Portal, you have the power to create a web application in a matter of minutes.

Extra Development Options: Azure lets developers create applications in a number of different languages like Node.js, Python, PHP, ASP.net, and ASP. Furthermore, the Web Application Gallery offers Express, CakePHP, Django, DotNetNike, WordPress, and Drupal, as well.

Data Responsiveness With Azure Cache: Windows Azure Cache gives you and the applications you build fast access to your data.  Built on the popular open source Redis Cache, Microsoft assures users that “application become more responsive even as user load increases and leverages the low latency, high-throughput capabilities of the Redis engine”.   There are several tiers of this dedicated cache services to meet your needs.

Resources Right When You Need Them: Using Windows Azure, your on-demand resources can be scaled up in tandem with your business. No need to purchase hardware, wait for it to arrive, incorporate it with existing hardware and so on.

In addition, you have the ability to move virtual hard disks between cloud and on-premises services with the Azure System Center, which can make data migration easier.

Data Storage Made Easy: Blobs (Binary Large Objects) are very simple ways to keep unstructured binary and text data like audio, video, and images in storage. You will even have the option to use the Import/Export option on Windows Azure to move this data into and out of Blob storage as you need to.

Use Tools You’re Already Familiar With: Azure integrates well with Microsoft BI tools such as Power View, PowerPivot, and HDInsight. You can analyze Hadoop information to learn new things, or you can combine data from several sources.

Ensure Performance Is Highly Predictable Because Of SQL Database: Windows Azure has SQL database functionality by default, which supports big scale-out, availability that is built right in, and management that is very flexible.

Microsoft Azure is a great cloud solution for modern business. It allows small business owners move to stay agile, save money, and integrate on-premises data and apps.  Azure is open, it offers unlimited servers and unlimited storage, it has powerful capabilities and solutions, and it has the right price.  We invite you to call us to discuss the right cloud solution for you.

Toronto Cloud IT Solutions For SMB’s: We are TUCU. Established in 2003 by IT Consultant Adam Thorn, we provide business IT Support Services in Toronto.  We invite you to call us to discuss the right Azure services or cloud solution for you.

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